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 Your forum profile!

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PostSubject: Your forum profile!   Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:47 pm

Ciao! It's Ita-Chan again! I'm here to inform you guys about your profiles! Ve~ Let's begin!

So, you have gone through the auditions and have now got the character you have wanted! Congrats! Now, it's time to edit your profile!

First things first, your username! Make sure that the username is related to the nation you will be role playing as. It could be the country's human name, an interesting nickname, anything! Just... nothing out of character! So, if you're role playing as Romano, your username can't be something like "DoistuFangirl221", 'kay? tongue

Second off... your gender and birthday! This is optional, but if your country is a boy, make sure that you have selected MALE for the gender. Same goes to you if your country is female. For the age, go on the Hetalia wiki and find your character's birthday! If you can't find theirs, look for an important event, such as the day of their independence! For the year of their birthday, take their age and subtract it from the current year! For example: 2011-20=1991 Like that!

Third... location and job/hobbies! For the location, make sure they are somewhere within your nation, such as the capital. For the hobby, simply put down your characters hobbies!

You MUST change your profile to fit your character once you have received you country!

Happy Role playing!! Razz

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Your forum profile!
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