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 Roleplaying Rules!!

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Rules!!   Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:25 pm

Ciao! It's Ita-Chan! I've been in charge of the rules!! Ve~ Listen up, okay?

Rule #1: Stay in character!! The last thing Korea-Chan and I would want is a whole bunch of Hetalia characters acting NOTHING like they should be! I mean... it's like seeing Romano acting like me!! SO please... try to stay as IN CHARACTER as possible, okay?

Rule #2: Be nice! Remember, we are here to have FUN. Being mean is a big no-no. Role playing as a character that's usually mean and harsh is fine, but when it comes down to YOU, the role player, being mean to your fellow countries will not be tolerated! (Gosh... I'm starting to sound like Germany!!Neutral )

Rule #3: Do a bit of research! Learn more about your country and how they interact with their fellow countries! It's a lot of fun and you may learn something new! Razz

Rule #4: Have fun! This is a very vital rule! I don't want you all to be like Germany!! You're here to have FUN! After all, we are all here because we like Hetalia and to have ourselves a bit of role playing, ne? So, just enjoy yourself!

Rule #5: If you aren't on your account for... veh... a month or two~ You account will be deleted and we will find someone else to roleplay as your country!!~ So be sure to stay active veh!~

What NOT to do...

~Do NOT share personal information on the forums! Keep in mind that other people will be seeing our forum too! If you would like to trade personal information, which I personally don't recommend doing, do it through private messaging.

~The Admins (Korea-Chan and I) are in charge! Remember, if you do something against the rules, there will be consequences!



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Roleplaying Rules!!
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